owl wall art

owl wall art

These little guys have been waiting on the sidelines for a while. I hadn't shown them yet because the more graphic simplistic owl was looking rather grim and scary. He didn't look friendly and that wasn't working with me—but the Owl Wall Art set is now complete and I love it!

It was a difficult illustration because I kept wanting to stay away from the cartoony owls and make one more realistic but that still look approachable. I think I still ended up on the more fun side of this which is a bit ironic since I did take off from actual National Geographic type photographs.

My goal with this set was to keep the same look and feel as the Cardinal Wall Art. I want anyone that has the first set to feel like this second one falls in line. I'm thinking this is going to become a collection of sorts. A Little Hut birds or animals? Oh I know the A Little Hut Zoo! Yes!

So... which bird should come next?

After all the reds, pinks and hearts floating around here lately this is such a welcome change isn't it?

Happy Thursday everyone!

• • •

PS - I talked a bit about something that I'm asked about a lot on my Facebook page. In case you haven't read it check it out here.

owl wall art

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