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hearts gift set

Happy Friday everyone!
It's been a long week. I think it's a combination of back-to-school routine with my new idea of getting up early every week day—and I'm talking 4am early. As I've mentioned before I'm going to be exhibiting in Surtex in May (booth 664—I know you're going to get tired of this!!) so I'm squeezing that in alongside my A Little Hut projects. I've decided to use the early morning strategy that I used when I wrote the manuscript for my book way back when. There's just something about the early morning darkness and quiet that gets me really going. The good news is that it's working. I'm getting a lot done!

hearts gift set

So here's the new Hearts Gift Set! It's completely inspired by my Wreath Gift Set—can you tell? I just love the combination of a pretty shape with a bit of 3D involved. It takes it to the next level.

Cut the Hearts Wreath and/or the Hearts Flower below really big and use it as beautiful gift toppers!

hearts gift set

- Many of you know that I contribute some work to the Silhouette shop. I will continue to do so but I've decided that I will no longer break up my sets and post them there. I will only be adding single images that I have on my site and that are not part of any of my current sets. This will make it easier for you to know what will be posted and what will not.

- For those of you that have asked about Studio files—I can't offer them because Silhouette does not allow anyone to sell files with that format.

- Videos are coming! I stopped making them simply because our camera had died and we finally, FINALLY got it fixed. I'm so happy about that! I'm excited about the ideas that I have in mind. They will be very simple videos but I hope they will give you more creative ideas of how to use my files.

• • •

Friday Tidbits
- I had skipped out on visiting Print & Pattern for so long but I'm definitely back. Always such an inspiration. It was so nice to see a bit of my work included in the Holiday Round Up post!
- Who's keeping an eye out for new products being shown at CHA this weekend? I am! I'd love to go one day. In the meantime I catch a lot of the action through Twitter using the #CHAshow and #CHA2013 tags.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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