just scraps: a couple of gift wrapping ideas

just scraps - gift wrapping

Today I thought that instead of Inspired By I'd show you a couple more scraps ideas. They are simple ways to use scraps for wrapping goodies when you're short on supplies.

Strips card/tag (large box)
- Using double-sided tape wrap the gift with the seams on the top instead of the bottom of the gift.
- Cut out a strip about the width of a bookmark and cover it halfway with strips.
- Cut out a V shape at the bottom and slide it in through one of the side openings of the gift wrap (just make sure that there isn't tape there).
- Optional: Use the blank space on the strip of paper to stamp or write a sentiment

Strips ribbon (small box)
- Cut out a strip of paper that is long enough to wrap the visible three sides of a box.
- Randomly glue scraps of paper to the strip
- Trim the excess of scrap paper on the edges.
- Wrap the gift with the seams at the top of the box. Fold the edges over and make sure to leave a gap that is large enough for the strip of scraps to show through. Attach the strip to the underside of the edges of the wrapping paper with double sided tape.
- Finish wrapping the open ends of the gift and make sure to neatly crease the scraps where they meet the edge of the gift box.

Optional: Instead of tucking the strip of scraps under the wrapping paper place it over and around the gift like a decorative band. In this case, the strip would need to be long enough to wrap around the entire box.

just scraps - gift wrapping

As you can see making these strips is not hard at all and they do not have to be perfect. The one on the left looked like the one on the right before trimming off the edges—just like I showed you with the scraps artwork and the card.

That's it—Super easy!

Inspired By
If you're interested in knowing what inspires some of my more linear work visit the site that is my current browser home page: Dezeen Magazine. It always gives me a lot of food for thought. Love it!

I hope you aren't tired of scraps yet. There is more to come down the road.
(Remember that the cover of my book, Home, Paper, Scissors also shows a fun way to use scraps too!)

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