journaling flat cards

journaling flat cards

In preparation for tomorrow's Project Life morning I decided that I also need some flat cards to go along with the journaling fill-in cards I made last week. Some weeks I have a lot to write and some I don't, so now I'm prepared for either scenario. These new cards fit in the 4" x 6" sleeves where I usually place photos. If you'd like some for yourself they are now in the shop as well (SVG, DXF & PDF formats).

I'm curious, is anyone else working on Project Life? I'm sorry that I feel rather strange about sharing my layouts (I know that many people do). Hopefully by seeing the paper designs that I'm using you get an idea or a sense of what my spreads look like. They have more of the same simple, graphic style that I sprinkle everywhere.

Oh, by the way, I added a NEW category to the shop. I think that it will make it easier to find something that you haven't seen before. I'll keep new products there for about a couple of weeks or so.

 journaling cards or flat notes

It's been gloomy and rainy this week so I've been quietly making progress on some projects. I can't wait to talk about them some more!

Hope you're all doing well. I for one am completely ready for Friday—except that I'm pretending that I don't have an appointment with the dentist tomorrow. Ugh.

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