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ripples stationery

Fridays are going to be my Project Life days. I'm already into the second wee and I love it. The fact that I'm actually sticking to my guns is no small feat. I've been journaling on the grid cards and today I will develop the photos for the week (so I have nothing exciting to show right now). I'll be done as quickly as it takes to slip everything into the pocket sleeves. I like that—I need that.

It's been crazy around here. Between work and D's first experience with mid-term exams (oh he hated every minute of it!) I think we're all overdue a laid back weekend.

The biggest thing on my mind right now is getting ready for Altitude Summit I can't believe I'll be there next Thursday! Yikes! It has come so quickly. My class materials are almost done (I wish that were the case with my what I'll be wearing!) and I can't wait to see who my students will be. Not to mention the fact that there are so many people that I want to meet. It's going to be really exciting. I'll take lots of photos so be ready for those.

ripples lattice

One of the fruits of this week's labor is my new set of Ripples Stationery and the matching Ripples lattice and border. I think adding some green is just my subconscious wanting to call spring here faster. I can certainly do without the cold mornings!

The lattice is a welcome addition to this collection. Love it! I used the Ripples card of the set to make one the cards for my Clean & Simple class assignment too. I need to be killing several birds with one stone or I'll never get anything done!

Friday Tidbit
I don't have a link per se but just a thought...
Stop postponing your personal projects (whether they are crafty or not).What is holding you back? Before you answer that, believe me when I say that I was the queen of excuses when it came to not working on something like Project Life—but this year I'm taking a different approach. I'm just going for it! How about you?

Thank you SO much to those of you that have responded to my little survey regarding a paper class I'm planning. I love reading all your comments and ideas! I'll post some general results next week. If you haven't answered and have a couple of minutes it's right here (only 3 questions!) and thanks again!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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