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I honestly don't remember when I started listening to Diane Gilleland's CraftyPod podcast. She's been on the air since 2005. All I know is that I've been hooked ever since the beginning. I love the way she engages with her guests and the insightful interviews that she delivers. CraftyPod 2.0 is a bi-weekly 30 minute show where Diane interviews all sorts of people in the world of creativity and craft. A small-business angle is also part of some of the conversations. I was fortunate to finally meet Diane in person at the Houston Quilt Market in October and she is just as genuine and she sounds on the air.

I typically listen to the show when I'm working on a project because listening to other creatives that I can relate to, makes the process sweeter. You have no idea how many times I laugh out loud or just nod my head in agreement over something I'm hearing.

All of Diane's interviews are so thought provoking and entertaining. They make my wheels turn. I learn, I take new approaches to my businesses and I analyze what I do every time I hear one of her interviews. It doesn't matter if she's interviewing someone that is into paper (one of my all-time favorite shows!), stitchery or painting—the ideas and inspiration just flow—every time.   

For this post I asked Diane...
What do you enjoy most about making this podcast and why do you do it?
The thing I enjoy most about making the podcast is looking for interesting stories happening in our crafty landscape - stories that have the potential to spark new ideas or change the way we think. I love finding just the right combination of idea, interview guest, and editing to bring these stories to life. 
I make the show because, as crafters, we spend a lot of time crafting... and while our hands are busy, many of us listen to something or other. Back in 2005 I thought, "Wouldn't it be cool if we could listen to something crafty while we craft?" And that's when the show was born!
CraftyPod 2.0 is offered as a monthly subscription of $1.98 per month or shows can be ordered for .99 cents each. With a subscription, you get each new show automatically delivered to your iAmplify library page, where you can sync it with your iTunes account, stream it, or download it. This sounds techie/complicated but it really isn't. The sign-up and set up only took me a few minutes—really painless and totally worth it.

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"Inspired by" is a new weekly post where I will feature something/someone that inspires me in some way. I am not compensated in any way for these posts. They are entirely my own words and personal opinions. I hope you enjoy each post and that you will feel inspired too!

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