day 21 - tweaking

day 21 - white paper quilt

I don't know what it is about birthday parties but after today's celebration (little C's) I am completely wiped out.

The only thing I managed to play around with was my paper quilt—which doesn't look so "quiltish" now. But it does feel more like me. I'm more of a neutral palette kind of person and yesterday's photos are starting to look odd to me—too bright. Seeing these photos makes me think the solution is really in between.

I'm still undecided as to whether I should keep the blocks separate or together. I'll need to explore further.

The top photo is a day time shot, while the bottom is a night time shot. It's amazing how much the shadows change from one to another.

day 21 - night shot

When I took the day time photo, I stood away from the wall a bit and noticed this other wall in my studio (no set up at all). If it looks familiar, it's my 2011 calendar.

day 21 - do you see a pattern?

It seems like I have a theme going here, doesn't it?

Oh one more thing... for those of you that have asked about the coaster patterns—I've added a Four Pack of designs that are sold for digital cutters and in PDF format to be cut by hand. Because of the latter, I picked the four designs that I think are easier to cut if you don't have a cutting machine.

I hope you're enjoying a great weekend!

Update :: If you'd like to make your own quilt the files (PDF, SVG, DXF) are now available in the shop.

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This is part of a my 26 days of making series.

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