day 2 - stationery gift box

stationery box

Enough with the leaves!

I'm sure some of you are saying that. But before you shake your collective heads, I do have a valid use for them.

Like many of you paper fans, it is very hard for me to part with pretty paper. If it's already cut into leaves (even if it's just a prototype that didn't work out), how could I get rid of it? I could've tossed it into my scraps box, but I know that when going through it down the road, I'd probably end up tearing some leaves. So, in the interest of using what I have, that's why they're here.

I promise—no more leaves—at least for this week.

stationery box

Mother's day is coming up and my Mom has been dropping serious hints about how she is running out of notecards. So, that's what I started on today—from the outside in.

The inside of the box will have a divider for the cards and for gift tags. I attached the leaves with Spray Mount [never use indoors! not recommendable material, but oh so awesome for something like this]. After a little trimming of the leaves the box is ready to go. Now to fill it up...

stationery box

Considering we've been without air conditioning for the past two days I find the fact that I'm posting this a true success. Thank goodness Mr. Repairman is fixing our problem right now. Unfortunately, I will need to write a check with far too many digits and hand it to him in a few minutes. Not a pleasant way to start the week. Ugh.

Cost of materials: $3 for paper and a few cents worth of glue.

• • •
This is part of a my 26 days of making series.

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