26 days of making

On May 26th I will be celebrating my 6yr of blogging. Can you believe that? I reread that and it doesn't seem real.

My blog anniversaries typically sneak up on me. This time I've decided to do something a bit different—it has been 6yrs after all! Instead of waiting for that day to arrive and celebrate, I'm going to start on May 1st by making something every day until the 26th. My goal is to put myself under the gun to see what will happen (I've never done this before) and more importantly to offer all of you, my lovely readers, a chance to grab a few ideas for yourselves.

It will be a mixed bag of projects. I'm going to work on several personal ones (ideas for our home and gifts), rework older ideas and start other random projects that I've started thinking about. Some will be very simple and others more involved. The photo above inspired the way I framed my first project.

I think this is going to be fun!—says the woman who may be full of regret when she's run out of ideas by day 15!

Here we go...

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