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I don't know what it is about birthday parties, but they always throw me for a loop. Part of the reason is that I leave a lot of the work for the last minute, so this year I decided that I would keep things simple and it helped a lot. D's birthday party was this past weekend because we couldn't have it any sooner. But it went well—really well.


The stationery
These are the invitations, thank you card (he still needs to fill them out!) and label for the treat bags. Like I said—simple. If you're ever in need of a quick set this is a really easy one to do. Just change the colors and age accordingly and you're done.

The cake
D is at that funny age where some things are just not cool anymore and cute doesn't cut it. Since we're obviously going through a Lego phase it was easy to go in that direction. The actual idea of the design was both D's and mine. I'm not quite sure who said it first but I do know that someone yelled out "What if the whole cake is one big Lego block?" Perfect! It was green because the baker recommended we go with either that color or beige (eww). He said the darker colors would make the icing bitter. Funny thing... I designed the stationery before even thinking about the cake—even the color worked out. I know it doesn't look terribly appetizing but the icing was remarkably light and the fact that it was the tres leches cake that we always get for birthdays didn't hurt.

Phew. One child's party down, one to go.


Yes, that is a Juan Valdez t-shirt. A friend that just visited from Colombia got it for him and he decided to wear it that day. Our kids are not coffee drinkers, of course, but they sure love the smell of brewing coffee.

And.. just writing that last sentence has me craving a cup of java right now!

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