in memory of my grandmother

Today my 95 year old grandmother and godmother peacefully passed away at home surrounded by family—albeit not all. I wish we could have been there. However, I am grateful that we got to see her when we went to Colombia this past summer.

For several weeks we've been on pins and needles not knowing when this would happen. We knew it was a matter of days and today it became a reality. It still seems a bit surreal.

my favorite

These two photos are among the last things my grandmother ever gave me. Even though she looks quite serious in the top one, it's my absolute favorite. She's with my grandfather (who passed away 17 yrs ago) and I believe they were still dating at the time. I think they look so sharp. It was taken by one of the freelance photographers that lined that particular street in Bogotá. The second photo was taken on their wedding day in 1945.

wedding day

The things I'll remember most about my grandmother are that she was very strong willed, determined and classy, she taught me how to knit (I'll be forever be grateful about that) and she knew how to cook really well but it definitely was not a hobby. My Mom and I both inherited that gene and often remember her saying on the subject... "The sooner I can get out of the kitchen, the better."

Now that I think about her knitting, I remember she used to crochet a lot too—a LOT. I also remember seeing her sewing and mending a little something here and there. The more I think about it the more I realize that a love for handiwork is deeply ingrained in our family.

She wasn't a sweet, huggable type of grandmother but she fervently loved her family and she took care of her own in the best way she knew how. She certainly was the family matriarch. I'm so glad that our children, her only great-grandchildren, got to visit with her on a few occasions.

Although we are obviously grieving her passing (I'm surprised at how the waves of sadness just come and go, come and go...), we're relieved that she's no longer suffering and at peace.

My hope is that she is with my grandfather and that they are enjoying each other's company again.

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