It never ceases to amaze me that there is such talent everywhere and that the internet allows us to share our ideas and work. Frankly, sometimes it's a bit too much to take it all in. But every now and then it's quite exciting to be wrapped up in the middle of it all and visit with real live people that you've met through the computer screen. That's what I got to do over the weekend at Quilt Market. So that is the theme for today...

Friday Tidbits

Cloud 9 (Michelle Engel Bencsko and Gina Pantastico) and Daisy Janie (Jan DiCinto) and her friend Corina.
I saw them all on Monday (lucky me!) at Quilt Market (a trade show for fabric and quilts) and I couldn't be happier for their success. Not only are they all quite talented but they couldn't be any sweeter. They are the real deal people—the real deal. Follow the links above to check out their fantastic work, all produced on organic fabrics.



The amount of interesting work I saw at Market was incredible and as a first time visitor it was quite overwhelming. I had to skip much of the show or I'd never make it to the people that I really wanted to visit. The fun part was visiting with friends (old and new) on Friday at Fabric 2.0. I had brief conversations/encounters with Caroline, Marisa, Lizzy, Melissa, Jenean and Rachel—they are all so inspiring.

As you know, I dabble with patterns but I haven't been too serious about it just yet. Maybe one day, I will get on with it and show my work somewhere like Quilt Market or Surtex. Only time will tell.

And a little extra one...

Have you seen the new magazine published by Ez of Creature Comforts? It's a beautiful collection of design, tutorials and gift ideas. I'm so honored that my Gift Tags and Gift Boxes are included (pgs 212 and 216). Thank you so much Ez!

If I'm talking about gifts, why not be literal and show a gift box? This was totally a spur of the moment deal and I made it using the design of one of my calendar pages. See it? (top middle).

Have a great weekend everyone!

gift box

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