making week

It's been a long but good week. I've been like a busy bee making all sorts of projects that I can't reveal just yet. They are the kind of projects that have me rubbing my hands together because I feel so good about them. I hate to be such a tease but it's been a really, really energizing time. I love it when I have a week like this one.

The only tiny personal project I had time for were these flat cards to replenish my stationery box. I use these a lot for small messages and to attach to gifts.

heat embossing

I've always been more of a fan of matte vs shiny but I'm really liking these simple heat embossing projects. I used tiny leftovers of Soft-kut printing blocks (feeling triumphant that I used part of my stash instead of getting anything new) and Martha Stewart bronze, silver and gold embossing powder for these cards.

heat embossing

Friday Tidbits
- Yuko Takada - The work of this paper artist is a must see. Prismatic is definitely my favorite.
- I read this post written by Lotta Helleberg over a week ago and I still think about it often. It just really struck a chord with me.

Have a great weekend everyone!

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