halloween cards for kids

halloween cards for kids (freebie!)

Friday Tidbit
I typically share links to other people's work on FT. Today I decided to post a small freebie that you can share with friends that have festivities and birthdays this month (for personal use only - pretty please!).

I haven't made these cards in a while so the start of October gave me the perfect excuse to make them. I couldn't decide what color to use for the witch's feet so I left both cards. I like the idea of little hands learning how to write their own messages so that's why I also kept the lines.

Download the sheet here.

• • •

It's been a long week and I have so much to share. It just isn't the right time yet. I've been feeling really conflicted about how to balance the work that I'm doing with not disappearing from the internet altogether (at least for a while). It's a constant tug of war. I want to be around but a part of me just wants to unplug. I think that's why my posts have been only project driven—not much about me, about us. So excuse me as I muddle through. I think what I really need is to just get up and walk away as far as I can get from my computer, grab my cup of coffee and put my new bookmark to good use. Thank goodness for weekends!

Have a good one!

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