perfect time for an afghan

On one of our recent trips to the library, I saw this book sitting on a shelf just begging to be picked up. The cover alone drove me towards it because I've been wanting to make a blanket for a very long time. Somehow I could tell that I was going to like this book. Well, Comfort Knitting and Crochet: Afghans: More Than 50 Beautiful, Affordable Designs Featuring Berroco's Comfort Yarn didn't fail me. This is the first time that I see a crochet book and think that I'd be happy working on any of the designs. There are a few afghans that are more frilly in nature but for the most part they have a contemporary feel—totally me.

I picked one of the simplest of the designs and slowly but surely I'll have my blanket whenever the cooler temperatures hit. Just the fact that I finally remembered to start a blanket at this time of the year rather than wistfully thinking about it during our so-called winter, is a victory in itself. I'm telling you, it has me rubbing my hands together like a kid in a candy store.

If you remember this blanket, I pulled it apart and started this new one with the some of the same yarn. It was white and off white but the contrast between the colors wasn't strong enough for me. This one will definitely make more of a statement.

So here I am, still in a brown and white phase and trust me the picture in the book didn't help any. I'm stuck with this color combo like I was stuck with black and white when I was teenager. Back then all my furniture was white, my comforter was a black and white checkered design and there was zero color anywhere else. My mother did mention a few times that my room was missing some color but she let it be. Now I have my little C taking after her grandmother with an occasional comment or two about the lack of color. We are all women of strong opinions around here.

These are other designs that caught my eye.

Friday Tidbits
- Postcarden - I posted this on twitter the other day but I just had to repost here. I just think these are so clever. Not very practical, but very clever.
- Michael Lee - I love these pieces. They make me want to drop everything I'm doing and just grab some paper & cut, cut, cut.
- Anna Maria Horner - Not only is she an extremely talented designer but boy oh boy can she write. This is another twitter repost but so worth it since it's the beginning of the school year. Grab a box of tissues. You've been warned.

I'll have a busy day working on some things that I'll share on Monday. I can't wait to show you!

Have a great weekend!

PS - In the interest of full disclosure, the link for the book is my Amazon affiliate link. I earn a little something any books that are sold here. I hope you don't mind.

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