to indulge

According to Webster:
a: to give free rein to
b: to take unrestrained pleasure in : gratify

According to me:
1. To go to the new Paper Source store twice in two days. (Friday and Saturday)

Saturday was the grand opening of the Houston store and it could not have been any more fun than it was. I met very friendly people and among them was
Sally Pofcher, the CEO of Paper Source. I'd never seen a PS shop in person and it surpassed my expectations. There is nothing like seeing the colors and textures in person. Just look at that rainbow of paper!

An extra-special treat was to see my book on one of the shelves of the store!

paper source in houston!

2. To visit the new Sprinkles right next to Paper Source. (Saturday)

I waited in 90+ degree weather, no shade in sight, for 30min, standing in a line that was out the door (never done that before - probably won't again - phew!).


But fortunately it was worth it. Yum!

sprinkles = yum!

3. To ignore a mountain a laundry in order to hang out with the family and work with new crafty materials purchased the day before—see #1. (Sunday)

4. To drive 1hr. and 40min. to Brenham, Texas to visit the home of Blue Bell Creameries with the kids. (Today)

We ate fresh ice cream, saw how it's made/packaged and did it all while visiting with a great friend and her kiddos. (We all had an awesome time Rachel!).

Hanging out in downtown Brenham...

brenham, tx

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