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My crafty side was indulged yesterday by the filming a couple of segments that will air on Houston's Going Green with Yolanda Green. One will air this coming weekend (Saturday at noon and Sunday at 10am) and the other will air around Easter. I made 2 crafts for each of the holidays. Working in video is fun but boy is it tiring. Thank goodness for a patient camera man who put up with all the takes and retakes!

For Valentine's day I made my Egg Carton Heart and some 3D magazine hearts to be used for framing or as gift tags. There are no photos because my camera and computer aren't playing nice right now. I guess I'll just show you a completely unrelated photo from Friday. We were scribbling during a bingo game on Friday night at the kids' school.

And for those of you that are waiting to find out... Congratulations Jessica Jo! You are the winner of the calendar and Home, Paper, Scissors! I'll be in touch.

Let me know just say that I think this is the time that I've enjoyed all of your comments the most. I definitely think I need to do a grateful post again sometime. You shared so much and it was all so touching—thank you so much.

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