here we go

Welcome 2010! We stayed home and surprisingly, for the first time, the kids stayed up until midnight. Today it's been all about taking it easy—being a bit under the weather kept us indoors.

Normally I probably wouldn't be posting today but I have a goal for this to be a year of daily making. I don't know how literal I'll be about the 'daily' part but I want to give it a shot.

I want to seriously tackle a wish list of things for our home. I won't necessarily be using paper exclusively, because I want to experiment with other mediums. I have a couple of lamp ideas and some knitting that will be coming but today I started with a redo.

Remember this calendar? With all the moving around going on here it was damaged and today I worked on remaking it. I'm still missing some stitching that I want to add but I'm happy with what I accomplished so far.

On a more physical note, I just need to kick in my training (which had completely slid off my plate) and I'll be set. That will start tomorrow.

I hope everyone is off to a good start too!

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