martha stewart radio - round two

Yesterday I started off the day very early. I was invited to join Betsy and Kim on the Martha Stewart radio Morning Living show. My first interview with them was back in August.

Click on the logo to the left and you can listen to yesterday's interview.

This is the last project that I mentioned during the interview. Too bad I don't have a tealight handy to show you what it would like when it's lit. It's another very simple idea—a snowflake hurricane cover that can be made with the help of the entire family. Just use scissors to make a bunch of snowflakes and use dots of glue to attach them to both sides of a sheet of paper. After everything is dry, simply wrap the paper around the glass container. I like that the snowflakes aren't completely flat.

Here's a thought provoking question for the day: How do you make it?

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