change of pace

This is the best week I've had in well... weeks. And it's only Monday! I feel completely relaxed and ready for the new year.

We had a wonderful and cozy Christmas. There was a bit of everything and even some sleeping by all of the adults at one point or another, but it was deemed appropriate and very necessary. The socks are due to my request of a shoe free house. Let's see how long it lasts.

The weekend was l-a-z-y. Loved it. Needed it.

The big to-do on today's list was going to the library. When we got back the kids jumped on our bed to read. They covered themselves with an afghan my Mom made for me when I was about nine. I wanted to join them so badly but dinner wasn't about to cook itself. I love that little raised finger.

The days between Christmas and the new year are the best. Don't you think? The feeling of anticipation is so overwhelming but comforting. More than anything I think it's just the longing of a clean slate. A new year full of new possibilities. What is around the corner?

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