wip - calendar

Remember this embroidery on paper? I really like those random circles and I've been wanting to use them somewhere else. I knew I wanted something for us to enjoy and it hit me last night—a hand written calendar to put in our studio. It's a WIP because I'm going to embroider some of the circles with white thread. Yep. White-on-white again.

Some overdue thank yous...
- To the generous bloggers who've mentioned my 2010 calendar. There are always great designs out there and this year is no exception. Thank you to Holly, Kristen, Kelly and Print and Pattern. Thank you. Thank you! If I'm missing anyone please let me know.
- To Sara for an interview with me that she posted at Handmade News a few days ago.

Friday Tidbits
- This is a repeat from Twitter but I just had to post it again here. I love Noriko Ambe's work. Amazing.
- There are days that I crave absolute simplicity like this.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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