Last night I felt like crocheting a bit and tried it with paper raffia for the first time. I barely had enough for a quick coaster but it kept me entertained (and awake!) while I took care of some laundry (ahhh... the joys of house chores).

Crocheting, much like knitting, gives me such a warm feeling of stillness and peace. I think that because I learned to do both when I was young and only used them in a carefree way to make play things (clothing and blankets for my dolls), those feelings have and will always be there. That's a comforting thought.

Now I just need to remember to try this paper + hook thing more often. Loved it.

Friday Tidbits
- Janna Syvanoja - amazing recycled paper jewlery
- Jacob Hashimoto - I'm particularly inspired by his installations (scroll to the bottom)

Have a great weekend!

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