gift giving with paper

I've been asked several times if I use my projects as gifts and the sad reality is that the majority of the times I don't. I'm trying to change that. At a minimum I want to make changes in the gift wrapping department and I started this morning.

Instead of starting from scratch, I decided to reach for my own book, to work on a project for a gift that we'll need for one of little C's friends. I remember that the minute I sketched this project out, I knew it was going to work and that it would definitely make a cut for the book. I love it when I have an idea that goes from sketch to paper without any glitches—VERY rare.

I like the box as is but my little C may want to add some cut out shapes to the base. We'll see what we come up with. I'm just happy that the main part is done—and it's ahead of time!

If you need other gift wrapping ideas, here are some more. This is a photo that didn't make it into the book but all the projects are included—templates and all.

• • •

Thank you all for your kinds comments and for sharing your hostess gift ideas in my previous post. I'm in the flowers and wine camp.

The winners (via for the Thank You PDF idea are: Jessica Jo and Abbie. Congratulations! Please get in touch with me and I'll send you your file.

Happy Thursday!

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