the end, the beginning

Last year, the summer was all about writing, writing, writing Home, Paper, Scissors. This year I vowed that the kids wouldn't be so bored waiting until Mom either took a nap to recover from late night work, finished shooting just one more how-to photo, answered just one more email or any other number of things on the to-do list. I think I accomplished the goal, but something had to fall through the cracks, right? That's primarily why my bloggity blog has been picking up a bit of dust lately (being sick last week didn't help much either). I'm back and ready to roll again but I can't deny that I will miss the long lazy days and the hours at the pool.

Good-bye summer.

The kids had their first full day of school today and I thought I was going to get so much done. Ahahaha. I should've known better. But that's OK. I'll be back into my routine in a couple of days—my to-do list demands it.

Tomorrow is the big day. Home, Paper, Scissors will be officially published. I can't wait to take the kids with me and share the great day with them (and Mr. Z of course!). When I signed my contract I promised them that one day we'd all be able to walk into the bookstore and see my book on one the shelves. Yes, I'll be making a total fool of myself taking pictures of it, thank you very much. It'll feel like Christmas in August.

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