four years

Last night I realized that I missed my blog anniversary. On May 26th, four years ago, I started writing this blog very tentatively. I felt rather silly and like I was talking to the wind. Little did I know, how my creative life would completely change. It has been a wonderful ride and I'm glad I've fought off the times (many times) when I've had the temptation of just letting it all go.

To celebrate, I've decided to host a small giveaway. I will select four winners at random. One will win this piece I created today and the remaining three will win a printable of their choice. The giveaway will be open until Monday at noon. Please make sure that you leave an email or link through which I can reach you. To make it interesting answer this: What has been your biggest accomplishment in the last four years?

I thank you all for stopping by and taking time out of your day to visit. To those of you that leave comments, please know that I read every single one and I take them to heart. You make me smile often.

Thank you. Thank you.

Have a great weekend!

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