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Linen, Wool, Cotton (Akiko Mano) and Patchwork Style (Suzuko Koseki) are new books published by Trumpeter as part of their Make Good: Crafts + Life series. What a nice surprise to find them in the mail yesterday.

Linen, Wool, Cotton - Just as the name of this book is simple and straightforward so are the 25 projects in its pages. It's perfect for someone that is new to sewing. The book is divided into three chapters, and you guessed it, they are: linen, wool and cotton. The photography of the book is wonderful (if I could I'd jump in and live there) and the projects are very simple and sweet. The three projects below are among some that I'd like to try.

Slouch bag

Mary Jane slippers

Hanging pockets

Patchwork Style - This book has 35 projects that are more advanced than the first book. It is divided into 5 chapters: log cabin, appliqué, patchwork squares, free stitching and square appilqué. I like that there are many versions of small bags and totes. Very tempting.

Pillow cover and quilt

Tote bag

Red and blue party bags

Both books give very simple instructions and clear diagrams to go by. I don't have any Japanese craft books but by what I've seen in online book reviews these have that same peaceful quality to them. Love that.

Felting for Baby - Is another book that makes up the series. It would surely be on my shelf if I were to have another baby (not in the plans at all).

Funny how I keep getting sewing books (not complaining). It's like someone is trying to tell me something.

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