everyone should take some days off

We got back from Cancun last night. Our two-hour flight back turned into a seven-hour ordeal with refueling in a different city. The bad weather here, kept our plane away for hours. Aside from that the trip was wonderful. We ate like kings, enjoyed every minute of the pampering and my brother married his lovely bride.

The wedding took place in this Catholic chapel right next to the beach.

Little C, while we all waited for the bride.

Married! They looked so happy and in love.

The day after - Bride, groom and friends (including Mr Z) playing a little beach volleyball.

I don't remember a time where I've eaten so much food or felt so spoiled. The hotel staff was extremely friendly. More importantly it was great having the whole family there.

The only time reality hit was when the best man told us about a message he got from a friend regarding the whole virus problem. We hadn't watched any TV so we had no idea what was going on. We were staying at a resort that is further south from Cancun and pretty isolated from the activities in the city. At this point none of us are sick. We certainly hope it stays that way.

Now it's back to the grind. The good news is that I feel like we were gone for two weeks instead of only 5 days.

• • •

Thank you so much to everyone that mentioned one or several of my projects during Earth Week. Thank you to Craft, Modish, The Crafty Crow, Scoutie Girl, Paper Shop Ink, All Things Paper, Folding Trees and of all places Discovery. Wow. I didn't realize the list would be so long until just now. If I forgot anyone I apologize. Thank you. Thank you.

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