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I haven't posted Friday links in a while so here I am on Thursday instead. Here are some I'd like to share:

Sanford Photo - Sanford was the photographer that shot the beauty shots for my book. We worked for three days straight and he was awesome! Not only did I learn a lot from him but I also had tremendous fun.

Ink+Wit - I've always been a fan of Tara Hogan's work. She just started her blog last month and I can already tell I'll be a frequent visitor.

Bailey Doesn't Bark
- I only buy white dishes. These would be a cute exception to the rule.

Seven Of - According to Amy the purpose of her blog is to give readers a "mental breath mint". That's what she said when I met her at Mom 2.0 Summit. She and Jane are friends and collaborate on a daily random list of 7 things.

Alphabet wall - I seem to be stuck on the alphabet lately. I posted this on twitter but I figured I'd share here as well. I don't remember how I found this nursery but I really love the letters on the wall. And speaking of alphabet...

Lovelydesign - Adorable favor bags that Sharilyn made for her daughter's birthday. So very cute!

One last one - I love this quote.

I finally got around to replacing my broken lens (yes!) and this is one of the first photos I take with the new one. It isn't fancy (same one as before) but I've fallen in love with my camera all over again. Sorry iPhone and old Olympus thingy - thanks for filling in, but it just wasn't the same.

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