My little D isn't so little anymore. We've had him in our lives for 9 years (+2 days - no time to post over the weekend when you have a family party to cook and get ready for) and it seems like only half that time has passed. The people, with grown children, who kept telling us when he was a baby that it would go fast—they were right. Pudgy cheeks are now replaced by a leaner looking face but the twinkle in his eye when he's being funny or mischievous is still there. I hope it always is.

Happy Birthday my little/big guy and thank you for ignoring your mom's lack of pastry prowess and saying that it was ok that half your candles were pink because your mom forgot to buy more candles and we had to use leftovers from your sister's last birthday party.


  1. I love it when you tell family stories. :) Happy Birthday, little/big D!

  2. Brooke I agree - I find it inspiring to check in with other creative people too. Welcome! I love getting new visitors.

    Thanks Jules - I just find it so hard to draw the line between what I want to share and what I think is too much. But so much of my life is with the kids it's hard not to speak up. I'll eventually find the balance.

  3. Happy birthday big D! Love the candle story. We've had birthdays when the dining room candelabra had to accompany the cake..