This is a continuation of what happened to the drawing from my last post. I love his backwards flag but my mommy sixth-sense knew that he wouldn't like it printed that way. So I was going to bring it up really casually. This is what happened this morning:

Me: Guess what D? I scanned in your drawing.
D: You did?
Me: Yes and I want to show you something. (as I lift the drawing up to show D).
D: Oooohhh noooo!
Me: What?
D: Noooo!
Me: What's wrong? (knowing he'd already figured it out)
D: The flag is backwards! (as shoulders slump)
Me: You're right, but don't worry we can fix it without you having to redraw it.
D: How?

I then showed him the scan in Photoshop and in a couple of minutes the flagged was flipped. My sweet boy is a happy camper now.

Speaking of sweet this is a small story about how my D charms his way around here (not always mind you!). He's the one that tucks me in at times (remember?) and he recently did something that we would've had no idea about unless our little C would've told us. We were sitting around the table at breakfast...

C: D woke me up this morning with a kiss. (husband and I just stare at her in mid-bite and D looks embarrassed).
Me: He did?
C: Yes. (with a grin on her face)
Me: Where did he kiss you?
C: she points to her forehead (just were we do it to wake the kids up).
Me: Aww that was really sweet.
C: After he kissed me, he said he was going to play on the computer and he wanted to know if I wanted to play with him.

LOL. A sweet kiss with strings attached. He woke her up because he wanted someone to play with.

Another conversation I just remembered. Last one I promise. We were in the car...

Me: D, guess what R told me?
D: What?
Me: She said you're a very handsome boy.
D: Really? Wait. Say that again.
Me: R said you're a very handsome boy.
D: Awww shucks. (pause) I always wanted to say that.

Little turkey craft made by C in school.


  1. Sweet story and turkey craft.

    FYI, you may want to edit the first line of the second dialogue, as I think you accidentally posted D's name.

  2. i'm a big fan of kid conversations. thanks for sharing!