pods and seeds

I've been in a creative rut of sorts so I was so happy to get these new designs from Spoonflower in the mail yesterday.

Garden Seeds Little C said these looked like watermelon or pumpkin seeds.

Blue Mod Spoons

Floating Pods - I'm going to be using some of this orange fabric for a cushion. I've been using these pods shapes for a while. I really like them for some reason.

I'm working on a little something else that I may get done this week. I feel like I've been moving in slow motion lately. Very slow motion. Maybe it's the weather. After what seemed endless days of perfect weather it's finally rainy and gray here (ooh! the sun just peaked out from behind the clouds).

I was just thinking that I can't believe Thanksgiving is around the corner! Before you know it November will be over and my month of projects will be complete. I've gotten a lot done and a lot of good ideas for the new year.

One last thing, Crafty Synergy is still blocked by Blogger (it's visible but I can't post). I'm beyond frustrated so I may jump ship to another platform very soon. I'll keep you posted!


  1. Best. Polka. Dot. Ever. (re: pods)

    I also love the new seed print. Love.

    Hope we can pull ourselves out of this muckiness soon... it's really irritating!

  2. Just clicked over from the spoonflower flickr pool and have to say -- I love your designs.

  3. Your fabric designs are so fresh and simple! I love the colors as well.

  4. I like your simple organic shapes based on events/things of your life. I also think the idea of a month of projects is fantastic! Having been a bit in the art doldrums myself lately, I think i might utilise the concept!

  5. love your taste in things. wished my mum had better taste in things. you should see my couch at home. i think its an eye sore but i have to bear with it cause its not mine to chuck away