holiday stationery for kids

I was on a roll and planning ahead so here is another holiday goodie. It'll probably be my last for a while, so fear not, I won't be bombarding you with more of these. I remembered the kids' tags that I started last year and decided to make a new holiday set. I did keep the snowflake though as a wistful reminder of winters long past. This Texas snow-less weather makes me sad for the kids. However as an adult I wouldn't look forward to the driving in snow thing.

Of course, in the 'real' retail world this would've been designed six months ago but in the time lines around here are off a bit. Ha! This new PDF set includes printable materials for four different letter-sized sheets (maybe for those lists), note cards (can be used as large gift tags), four small gift tag designs and a template for an envelope suitable for the note card (A2 size).

Yes, I did offer a similar set of tags as a freebie last year. Why are they in my shop this year? It's a long story and not a good one at that. I love sharing my work with all of you but there are those few that ruin things for everyone else. As you can tell, I don't want to go into detail because I've always considered my blog my happy place. I thought I'd mention this in case you were wondering about the change in 'philosophy'.

It is now obvious that I have revived my Etsy store again. I've stopped and started twice or three times before. I've never had that much luck with it. The stopping/starting probably doesn't help one bit. But I've always gotten noticeably more results through my regular site. I'm not sure what that means but I've decided that spending a bit of effort on Etsy won't hurt. This will be the last time I give it a shot (famous last words).

Speaking of holiday things. I'm in charge of coming up with a holiday craft for the kids to make during their Christmas party the last day of school before the break. For now I'm thinking that I want the kids to work on an ornament. I want it to last, so I'm not sure what material to use with just yet. I'll have to do a little craft research or come up with something myself. We shall see.

Gotta run. Little C has been home all day with a fever. Illness prone season has begun in this household. Yeah.


  1. Your Etsy store seems to be quite active- so congrats on the re-re-reopening!

  2. Thanks Michelle, but why do I fee like I'm swimming upstream all the time?

  3. i hope your etsy does well.
    hope little C is doing better.
    warm wishes to her from a big C - :)
    that tag with twine is so lovely.
    too bad some party pooper had to ruin it for the rest of us.
    the craft for the class will be paper, right?

  4. So lovely !!!