autumn inspiration

These are some pictures of our little trip to a local nursery to get our pumpkins over the weekend. Autumn colors are my favorite. Brown, orange and yellow are the predominant colors in our home (love the orange!). This is a quick pattern that came out of the close up shot.

I bought tiny pumpkins to work on an easy tea light project I saw on the Martha Stewart site. Any excuse to light a candle is a good one.

By the way, I haven't been able to post anything on Crafty Synergy. Blogger has put a block on it! I'm trying to get that cleared up—soon.


  1. Pretty pattern. I love the autumn hues, too. (I love a lot of colors!)
    Block? Oh my... that sounds stress-inducing!

  2. i really like that pattern, a lot!
    i'm with you. i always find myself attracted to warm, autumn-like colours. i like the combination of them together. they = cosy to me.
    why in the world would blogger put a block on CS? i do hope you tell us in a future post? good luck getting it sorted.