First off let me say that I never thought the auction would go this high. I took a peek at some other auctions and it seems like the generosity spread all around. It just shows how wonderful people can be in a time of need. Amazing and so heart warming. Thank you to those of you that participated. Laura, please contact me at info[at]alittlehut[dot]com with a copy of your PayPal receipt and the address you'd like me to send the piece to.

Now, the book giveaway. I love actually picking a number out of a hat, but in the interest of getting this done a little quicker I used a random number generator. I decided that the first winner would get Forecast and the second would get the Over and Over book. I almost feel like this was fixed (I promise it wasn't!) because I love the work by both these very talented ladies and they have always been very supportive with their comments about my work. Congratulations to you both! I really hope you enjoy the books.

Here are the winners:
Jules (Forecast) :: I've always envied Jules' talent for writing. Her blog is so entertaining to read and always makes me feel like I need to try harder. I love how she combines her wit with her obvious talent to tell a story. Who knows how many times she's just shaken her head in shock as she sees me stumbling along with my posts. I have honestly thought of that Jules! ;)

Lisa (Over and Over) :: Lisa's artwork has always inspired me. I love her use of colors and textures. Some of her work looks so dreamy and some so graphic. I find that contrast so interesting.

I hope that everyone enjoyed the weekend!


  1. I am so excited, Patricia! And I DO shake my head when I read your posts, but it's always at your amazing talent.

  2. I am catching up to my blog reads! Congrats, Jules!