well hello there!

I didn't want another week go by without at least checking in for minute. My time was completely taken over the photo shoot - getting ready for it and actually working on it last week. It was the busiest I've been in a long time.

The photographer (the nicest guy ever) came to the house 3 days in a row last week to work on taking the beauty shots of all 33 of my projects. We worked pretty steadily, but we did have some fun and I definitely learned a lot. I think I got an average 3-4 hrs of sleep each night getting things ready for each day. Thankfully my husband took those days off so the kids were taken care of. I don't know what I'd do without my loving, understanding and very patient partner in crime!

We live in a small house and there wasn't any corner that wasn't in total chaos last week. This was a small set up in the living room. Every other wall in the space had furniture piled up against it and the kitchen counters were covered with all sorts of odds and ends. Total. Chaos.

My body finally gave up on me by Thursday night. I've been sick since then (upper respiratory yucky stuff). This hadn't happened to me in a while - where the stress gets the best of me and my body makes me come to a screeching halt. I guess that's not good, is it? The good news is that this week will be the last of the major work. 

On Friday night we went to a lovely restaurant to celebrate my Mom's birthday. Great food and atmosphere and a nice break from everything going on here. It's amazing that this is smack in the middle of the big city.

Here's the painting that my brother made for my Mom. It's inspired by a trip he took with his fiancé and my parents to Europe last year.

This morning I'm sipping my coffee looking at some of these cheery floral leftovers from the photo shoot and getting ready for more work behind the camera (how-to photos). The sun is shining outside and it's hard to believe that a possible hurricane is fast approaching our area. I'm a wimp when facing natural disaster type stuff. Me no likey.

To help you start your week on a positive note, visit a great blog by Melissa, a fellow graphic designer, called Operation Nice. I think it's absolutely wonderful!

A couple of more things::
- A big thank you to Cassi for mentioning a couple of my projects on The Crafty Crow blog. Stop by and visit for a collection of great ideas to work on with kids.
- Blogger named Crafty Synergy a Blog of Note last week. Thank you!
- If you feel compelled to follow my daily update snippets I finally joined Twitter here. I'm still getting used to it so don't expect much! ;)


  1. well done...and now time to breathe. sounds like your bod' is forcing you to rest. i've recently been shooting as well and am always tickled at how non-glamorous behind the camera is!

    the painting by your brother is gorgeous. just lovely. and thanks for the terrific links. be well.

  2. Rest well. Can't wait to see your book.

  3. I love your photos of the restaurant! Where was that?

    I go to art school, and your adventure sounds like the end of a semester. All kinds of kids get sick at that time. Rest up!


  4. Thanks everyone!

    The restaurant is called Vincent's (Houston).

  5. Please tell me about that rug in your living room! It's amazing.

  6. Thanks Kate. The wool rug is from Ikea.

  7. Hope you are feeling back to your good self.
    Exciting stuff going on in your house. Wow! I'm looking forward to the book and I'm sure it's been an eye opener as far as a learning experience.
    That painting your brother did is so gorgeous. Talent runs in the blood I see.
    Congrats on being a blog of note. Good stuff!
    Thanks for pointing me the way to Operation Nice. I think it's a fab idea and I'm going to post about it too.
    I still don't get the whole twitter thing? I feel so out of touch when I don't understand these things.

  8. Patricia, I can't tell you how impressed I am with your ability to juggle all these things at once. I can't wait to see the book (is there a publishing date?). I am sure it will be absolutely beautiful. I hope you are feeling better by now!

  9. wow your busy, what wonderful work though!

  10. What a wonderful, albeit crazy, time this must've been. I bet you can hardly wait to see the proofs! Congrats on getting past this major hump. You're nearly there!

  11. Can't wait for the book! Hope you had a very restful weekend and are feeling much better.

  12. Wow, that painting is fantastic. Obviously creativity runs in your family.