just using what we have

I'm back sooner than planned. My little C wanted to see her artwork posted. We worked on these this afternoon. I've named them wwh.1 and wwh.2. (wwh = what we have). I have a lot of paper, paints, and other crafty materials around and we're going to start using them before we get anything else. So these are the results of our WWH afternoon session:

Mine - Remember this one? This is version two and all the pieces came straight from my scrap pile which is getting bigger and bigger. Little C's contribution was the placement of the two orange strips on the left. I think she did good.

Little C's - She used a small canvas that was already painted purple (no idea why). She picked the brushes and paints she wanted to use and made this with no direction at all. We were next to each other but in our own little worlds.

And D you ask? This is how it went:

Me: D would you like to join us and work on a project?
D: Nah. (as he plays with his little action figures)
The end. 

Now I'm really out of here for the weekend. Have fun!


  1. What fun! I love crafting with the kids. Not only is it a creative outlet, but it's a lesson in patience and letting go of control. Easier said than done!

  2. I love the purple canvas I hadnt thought of letting the children use canvases but wouldn't a wall full of them be a lovely feature? I was wondering if my boys would ever be interested in drawing ( since theres no electronics involved- its not been popular!) and then I found the two of them had scribbled a huge ant robot city in the back of one of their schoolbooks including explosions of course and lasers and tunnels....Hurray!