more work and play

Friday the garage got cleaned out. Saturday we painted the kitchen. We gave up after the primer and first coat of paint. We still have one more coat to do. The gorgeous weather outside didn't help much but I'm so happy that we finally got around to working on it. Little C was so excited to help while D was more interested in playing with his friends outside (who can blame him?).

I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. After church we spent the day at my parents' house. We ate a lot, had a little back yard easter egg hunt, played Sorry (little D's idea) and chinese checkers (my mom's idea). The weather was absolutely perfect again. I've always said that March is my favorite month in Texas. There isn't a cloud in the sky for many days in a row and this year it hasn't been any different. Love it.

In my last post I mentioned that I was getting a lot of traffic from Iceland and that I didn't know why. Well, thanks to the kindness of a teacher who wrote from Iceland, now I know. It turns out that my spring boxes where featured in a local newspaper! How unexpected is that?

I owe email replies to many of you. I promise that I will get to all my messages in due time. I’m working on catching up today. I'm also getting some new work started for A Little Hut which got a little sidetracked this past week.

Have a great day!


  1. We started on our painting on Sunday. Both girls were so excited and wanted to help. My concern was that they were going to paint everything else except the walls. It's something we should have done 5 years ago. I'm glad we started though cause now we have to keep going.

  2. I'm new to your blog and I love what you do.
    Your paper creations are delicious. How wonderful that a newspaper, all the way over in Iceland, featured your work. Congrats.
    Enjoy your weather. I love a clear, blue sky.

  3. Hi Patricia,

    I love how you use your knife to create all those paper art, they are beautiful. Did something similar years ago when all I did was cut out things. My fingers always end up hurting cos I didn't realise how tight I was holding the pen knife at the time when I use it. I've linked you as one of my inspiration on my site.

    You're great!

  4. You have a very busy week end !! Me I cleaned my house too... last week I will begin my scrap room !

  5. Oh my Goodness! I didn't realize you were in TX, much less Kemah! My dad lives in League City, and we make several trips there each year. We're in the Hill Country--Kerrville. So cool!

    I always love your paper creations, and find inspiration in your work. Kinda neat to know you're just around the corner (and halfway across the state).

  6. Iceland, how cool is that.
    I love our blog. I can use some nice weather this way.