The sun is out, there isn't a cloud in the sky. The weather is perfect. Finally! Hopefully we'll have at least a couple of days of this so that we can be out and about enjoying it. Before any of that can happen though, there is that little thing about cleaning up the mess I created around here this week. Stuff is everywhere. I'm continuing some work for my shop update (that is set for Tuesday) and when I get in the thick of things my poor little house pays the price - dearly.

Before I go, I have some thank yous to go around: to Jan for posting about my gift box and cards templates today, to Natalie (again and again! :)) and Michelle for posting my egg-carton project and to Jessica for posting my magazine bowl project. What would I do without such generous bloggers?

Oh and one last little thing...

Friday Tidbits
I'm going to start posting some links that I find interesting and that I've run across during the week. Sooo, here it goes.

- I've signed up for Judy's fun post card project. Check it out here. If you're interested I think she's filling up quite quickly!

- I LOVE all the crafty projects that Arounna has been posting on Irene's kids blog. Adorable!

Enjoy the weekend!


  1. love your friday links. I've been loving those craft projects on BKids, too. And i just signed up for the postcard project. I hope there's still room!

  2. Hello Patricia,

    Love, love and love your designs, great talent!

    Warm regards,


  3. Hi Patricia. The "postcard please"
    project sounds like so much fun. Thanks for mentioning it. I just signed up!

  4. I love the cards you make so much. Have you ever considered illustrating a children's book?

  5. Patricia
    Your work is beautiful and exquisite designs. When I saw this piece you had done with the little girl reaching up to the tree it sparked an idea (that you probably have already thought of). Most all of your work is very exact shapes cut out (I would guess) with an xacto knife....and boy do you do a great job! create contrast in your pieces, why not take a water proof black ink pen and draw out a more playful line drawing of something that is in your composition and even put some loose water color like color application over the black line. Then you would have these wonderful exact shapes (say, one of your trees) and on one of the limbs have a bird that you whimsically draw on th shape and then add a little wash of color on it. You already do this kind of idea by putting one color somewhere on your all white compositions which pulls the eye to that place like a piece of candy.
    I think a few of these kinds of pieces could round out your portfolio and add a little spice to the great work you've already done.
    Again, LOVE your work!

  6. Thank you so much for your kind words and suggestions. You're right, I have thought of adding little drawn details but as silly as this may sound I've been chicken about doing it. My freehand illustration work needs a lot more practice. Maybe I should just start - right?! You've definitely given me more food for thought and that may just give me the push I need. Thanks again! :)