thinking back, thinking forward

I'm ready for the new year and I started it with something that I wanted to do way before New Year's Day - Organize the house! I've been going at it all day long and it feels so good. I have trash to go out the door, books to be donated to the library, and I still have some more to go. It is so liberating to get rid of so many things that we really don't need. I'm on a mission to uphold my "less is more" mantra. I mean, really, how many things do we actually need to live comfortably (and w/some style of course)? Not many.

I've been going through the list of things I want to accomplish this year. Not resolutions. More like goals and ideas. I've also thought about the difference a year makes. I looked through my Flickr photos and it was interesting to see the progress I made throughout the year. I think I've found a 'voice' in my work. It flows better.

Speaking of goals, Holly at Decor8 posted about New Year's goals and had the great idea of inviting her readers to add their lists of what they want to accomplish this year. I think my list could be a mile long but the things that I came up with at the moment I posted where:
- be more creative with my cooking
- keep up with the exercising (wish me luck with my half-marathon in a couple of weeks!)
- show no fear with my attempts at sewing and incorporate it in my work somehow
- continue my recycling project ideas
- and in general - just do and hesitate less (I really like this last one)

It's going to be an exciting year. I can feel it! The down time of the last couple of weeks has really given me the mental space I needed to think about what I want to do with A Little Hut. Like I mentioned above, I still plan on continuing my recycling projects, I want to offer more templates, I want to make more wall art and cards (yes, those will stay after all but they won't be the core of what I do), and I also want to really tackle sewing this year.

After a wonderful warm shower (I'm not much of a bath person), while the bathroom was lit w/only candles (nice!), I feel ready to tackle what's left of my organizing mission tomorrow. I've also had a flash of an idea come up for my second template that I'll be offering in my shop. I'll post it sometime next week. As far as the shop is concerned I don't see a major update in wall art coming any time before mid-January. The kids don't go back to school until next week so not much is getting done in that department. Gotta go with the flow!


  1. just happened upon your blog! lovely! happy new year.

  2. hi Patricia,

    Happy new year! you have a great blog!i've also got similar goals (tackle that sewing machine! more recycling projects- thank u for some of those ideas by the way! and i also hope to start my own (proper) craft blog) You go, girl! Hope you achieve all your goals and much more!

  3. I'm excited to see what you create this year too! I hope you are successful in achieving your goals!

  4. You've totally inspired me! I started a blog and have resolved to craft more and watch TV less. Listen more and talk less. Pray more and complain less.

    Thanks for all your crafting ideas! May 2008 be a year of health, happiness and inspiration!

  5. I enjoy your blog. and right now I'm really enjoying your perspective on the new year, because it resonates with my own. There's something about 2008 that feels more hopeful than the average happy new year, and my impulses are also all about health, simplicity, and creativity. Here's to success in our goals!

  6. You have definitely succeeded in having a unique voice of your own - I love your paper creations and your ideas always inspire.

    Have a great 2008!

  7. less IS more, that's my new year's mantra as well. everything i send out the door makes me feel lighter and brings me more energy. i'm embracing it!

    happy new year and happy organizing. ;)

  8. that mosaic gives a great overview of your work, you can really see the designer's eye. A great sense of form and a restrained colour palette, plus the juxtaposition of positive and negative space gives a sense of three dimensions in two dimensions.

  9. Happy New Year!
    Your goals sound great and I'm sure your sewing will progress beautifully. I'd be happy to help or guide you along the way!

  10. I love the "photo wall" at the top of this post!

  11. I love everything but I am falling over for the red riding hood. I think that piece is so beautiful!

  12. It's always inspiring to hear when someone ELSE is feeling inspired. Here's to a wonderful 2008. Your work and your site are lovely!