can't stay away from paper for long

We've slowly gotten into the groove this week after having the holiday on Monday. Today I had D write out the thank you cards to send out for the gifts he received over the weekend for his birthday. I decided to help him a little with some pre-printed text. Writing out the cards wasn't his favorite thing to do, although he does understand the importance of gratitude (a little chat on that didn't hurt either) and he had to redo a few (spelling mistakes) but I'm proud of him for finishing all of them. I think we're breaking a record here by sending them out this quickly. Whew!

I have several projects in the works and here is a little idea I played around with this afternoon. The colorful hearts are courtesy of my little C. More to come with this. Stay tuned.

The kids both have colds so the last few days have been kind of slow. The cold weather doesn't help much either. I shouldn't complain though. It definitely isn't as cold here as in other cities. We're (me!) just a little on the wimpy side when it comes to lower temperatures.


  1. The thankyou cards look great, very similar layout to the xmas gift tags that you designed. I loved them too....
    The little paper boxes look cute, were they gifts for the party goers??


  2. I found your blog through the Readymademag site and was even more excited when I realized you were in Kingwood! (I'm just south of the Woodlands in Spring.) Your cutouts are inspiring this stay at home momma. Very fun to see what you'll do next. I feel like you are about to start a new series on a theme, and can't wait to see what you will do!