wip - martha has her version and I have my own

I saw these kits in Michael's today. They're very cute but I had already decided that for the holidays my white trees needed some little houses for company. So here is my first little village house in progress. In case you're curious it's 3" tall. I'm trying to decide if I want to embellish it at all or keep it really simple. I may be leaning towards the latter.

Thank you! - To Molly for posting my magnet project on the BabyCenter MOMformation blog a few days ago and to Natalie for posting my fabric + gift tag on the Craft blog. Thank you so much.


  1. Ooooh. Very nice. I LOVE tha idea of little houses around the tree. All of your designs are so clean and modern I think I'm going to vote for "keeping it really simple" :)

  2. Oh, you know I gotta love these! I'm working on a new house idea this year -- but they're made from wood this time. We'll see how it goes...

  3. Just wanted to comment and say I've admired your work on Etsy. The way you "think in paper" is so creative and the end results are lovely.