whew... we're ready

I hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! We sure did. We went to my parents house on Thursday and we had a great time. Friday, hubby and I tag teamed with the yard work and Christmas lights chore that lay ahead of us. After the yard work was done and while my husband tackled the lights on the roof I went inside and worked on the inside decorations with the kids. The tree is up, the mantle is decorated and now we're officially ready for Christmas. It was a looong day but so worth it because 99% of the reason we do it is for the kids and they were thrilled.

This is the first time we've done all this right after Thanksgiving. Usually I would've waited one more week but we were just in the mood and the memories of last year were haunting me. For some reason it took us forever to put up lights and decorations last Christmas and all we heard was the kids' disappointment because they saw everyone else's homes decorated (lights are a big thing in this neighborhood!) except ours. Not this year. We're ready.

We couldn't have planned our decorating schedule any better because the weekend was cold and it rained and rained and rained. We had a very quiet couple of days at home playing games, reading and watching movies and I started a new project which I'll be posting about shortly. Stay tuned!


  1. All it needs now is the snow!

    We put up a strand of lights around the veranda this year. Nothing fancy, but now that there's snow it looks very nice and seasonal.

  2. That looks so gorgeous! We don't have a front garden so it would look silly on our house, but I may put some plants with lights on the steps up to our front door ...

  3. I always wanted those light-up reindeer when I was a kid. Are yours the kind that move around?

    Kudos to getting everything set up so diligently - I'm still working on a stocking garland, which is about all the holiday decoration my teeny apartment can really handle.

  4. Ha! Jeope - the last time it snowed here (last year) we all ran out like maniacs to watch it. It melted before it hit the ground and it snowed for 10 minutes. My kids and my husband for that matter have never seen snow. How sad is that!?

    thanks dottycookie!

    j.shim - yes our reindeer slowly move their heads up and down. our kids love them.

  5. I wish I could start early, my neigbors and I have a deal not to start until it is offically December! I had thoughts of breaking it this year since it was warm on Sunday!