new month, new work

It was a productive weekend because I finally got some work done for the shop. It was nice to work while listening to some of my favorite podcasts. Now I'm only frustrated because my web site isn't functioning! :( My husband is working on it right now. He still doesn't know what's going on. So here's a little idea of what I've done. You can also see it at my Poppytalk Handmade page. The artists for November are online now and everything looks wonderful. Holiday shopping anyone? ;)


Inseparable (sold)

Stroll (sold)

I'm working out the next tag idea in my head. As soon as I have it made I'll post it. I'm so glad that my first one was so well received. :)


  1. Beautiful as always! I love "exploring". They almost always sell immediately!!

  2. Thanks everyone!

    Yes, Mary I've been lucky because apparently others have liked them too so they seem to be going quickly.

  3. I've just discovered your blog today and remaind-me a bit at Peter callesen, I don't know if you know his job but I tink you'll love it!!

  4. Welcome Núria! Yes, I've heard of Peter Callesen's work and I just love what he does. I think my work is still light years away from what he does!