late night = no thoughts for a title

I stayed up late last night working and I'm not very sharp this morning so excuse any blunders in the next few paragraphs. I wish I could say I was working at the speed of light but actually the opposite is true. I didn't get as much done as I had hoped.

I couldn't work during the day was because the whole weekend was packed full of things to do. We had a soccer game, boy scouts event, my brother's birthday get together, attending the school fund raiser, and oh those lovely chores. In the middle of all that I managed to get myself a little something (I won't get to use it as much here but I really really need it this year), a quick hair cut and before we knew it the weekend was over. So here I am at the drawing board again.

This gives you an idea of my semi-new look. Don't worry it's not you. It is a blurry photo. It's straight because this is perfect weather for straighting out my hair (another one of the reasons why I love the fall). I've always wanted straight hair and those that have it straight wish they had mine. Isn't that the way it always goes?

This post is mostly to thank those of you that have emailed me over the weekend and this morning regarding Friday's lost post. Apparently my post lingered on as an RSS feed and several of you kind ladies took the time to email me the whole thing. Thank you! :)

If you managed to read it before I deleted then you can skip it. For those of you that missed it and want to see the whole version vs the mini summary I ended up posting on Friday here it is:

I've been thinking about the work I've been doing for my shop and where I'd like it to go. For starters my block print cards will no longer be available in the new year. Block printing won't be completely out of the picture but it may appear in a different form. My paper cut illustrations will stay but I'm also starting to explore other variations of that medium.

The other idea I've been pondering (this is where I need your help!), is whether I should offer templates/instructions/tutorials for different projects like the one's I post here (and I'll still be posting) for sale as downloadable PDFs or small booklets for a reasonable fee. So what do you think? Is this a crazy idea? Would there be interest in something like this? I'm really interested in your thoughts so all comments (or emails) are more than welcome. Your feedback will be very helpful.

So that's where I'm at today. Thinking. Thinking. Thinking. I go through periods of self-evaluating and I'm definitely doing that today.

Oh... notice anything different around here? Thanks to Jessica and her
post about how to change a Blogger template I decided I wanted to try out the three columns here. It seems a little busy - or is that just me? I'm going to live with this for a bit and see if I decide to keep it or not. In the meantime pardon my indecision as I move things around every few hours! Back to work...

Oh and one more thing! I posted a new interview on Crafty Synergy for this week. I haven't been able to post as frequently as I'd like but I'm trying to keep the blog alive. Enjoy!


  1. I LOVE the three column blogger template and I would love to learn how to use it for myself. I always thought that the left hand side of blogger was "no mans land". I still have a giant issue of W magazine waiting for me to try your magazine bowl project and I know if you offered pdf tutorials I would sign up straight away! What a good time to be thinking about your shop right at the end of the year too.

  2. Patricia:
    Cute hair! Super cute. Since you asked about opinons, and I know I mentioned it before. I really enjoy your block carvings and would be sad to see them go. But I also think there would be a big market for you to sell copies of the stamps (as rubber stamps) themselves, this way people could use the stamps in a variety of ways in their own way, for collage, etc. Maybe that doesn't fit your objective with that part of your art ... just an idea.
    - Molly

  3. I love the idea of tutorials. Beautiful layout and photography.