inspired by others

Yesterday I got a little chance to catch up on some blog reading and just peruse a little on the internet. I've been away for about 2 weeks. I feel like I've missed so much but at the same time I crave those times when I can just get away and enjoy my projects without outside influences.

Since I've had the junk mail art going through my mind I particularly enjoyed this post by Natalie at the Craft blog. That newspaper yarn looks great and if I had the time I'd so want to figure out how to make it myself. I also remembered that at Maker Faire several people said that my pieces reminded them of the work of Austin artist, Lance Letscher. I looked up his work and found these very interesting collages.

Tuesday night I also got the chance to go to the opening of My God Told Me to Kill Your God: Exhibition on War at Rice University. Several of my brother's pieces are being exhibited there (Felipe's site is here). He went all the way to Austin for the day on Saturday to see me/support me at the Maker Faire so it was my turn to return the favor plus I obviously always enjoy seeing his work. He's a former Marine (although he'd probably argue that 'once a Marine always a Marine') so the soldier /war theme is in much of his work. I love how most of his work can't be really classified as a painting or a sculpture. All of his pieces are literally a combination of both. We definitely have different styles but I really enjoy seeing how much work he puts into everything he does and the meaning that he has for it all. Here he is (on the far left) talking to a friend. Too bad I didn't get a better photo of him. The pieces on the wall are by him.

One of his pieces on exhibit - This looks like a big poster but it actually is made of business cards - glued one at a time.

You probably won't see much of me for the next week or so. I'm trying to finish a big project (I'll share soon!) that is almost done but just not quite there yet.

I hope everyone has a great week!


  1. Speaking of being inspired by others. I just posted my first attempt at the junk mail art on my blog. Please check it out. I'd love to hear what you think.


    P.S. - Are you planning on attending Maker Faire 2008? Me, Alex, Jennifer, and my wife (hopefully) are planning on being "makers" at next years event. It would be good to see you there again and share some more ideas.

  2. Welcome Blaze!! I love trees too if you can't tell. :) About the kids, yes it can be done. They jump in and help me sometimes.

    Kyle - I just checked out your junk mail and left you a comment. Great job! I'd love to go back to Maker Faire. What remains to be seen is if I'll attend as a Maker or as a visitor. We shall see!

  3. Great idea! I am having fun making them. I'll make sure and post the other boxes as I finish them.

    Can't wait to see what your big project is.

    -stay creative-

  4. Great work with paper. I like to see how other people uses paper in a creative way, without making books, as I do.