a fun time outside

This weekend we got a small break from the harsh humidity here and we went to the zoo. I didn't get many photos of our favorite animals because the camera's battery ran out. We had a great time and I got some inspiration for new paper projects - weird. It's really interesting to me to see how I can find inspiration in the strangest of places.

A foot away from a sleepy lion (courtesy of a thick piece of glass).

African cattle. He looks rather sad... It's so conflicting to go to the zoo. I feel that way every time we go. I love seeing the animals and get a kick out of the excitement our kids feel by seeing them but I also feel sad that they have to be in such confined spaces.

These are some trees that are in the zoo and are typical of the neighborhood where it's located. I think they're so gorgeous!

I was so busy last week (noticed the blogging absence?) that taking it easy this weekend was really nice.

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