how I absorb what I see

I love trees and I love lighting candles just as the sun is setting. I thought of drawing one of my tree silhouettes and placing it behind a small tea light to see what the shadows would look like. In the back of my mind, I couldn't help but think that I had seen something like this before and I was right. It seems my inspiration, subconsciously, came from the gorgeous work done by Adam Frank. I saw his designs for the first time on someone's blog a while back - don't know which. His trees just kill me. They're so gorgeous!

Speaking of inspiration I can't wait for the Austin Maker Faire in October. Yesterday I found out that my project was accepted and I'm going to be there as a presenter/maker! I'm really interested in seeing what others are going to make. Wish me luck!

Back to work and listening to Pandora. I've been under a rock because before reading about it on Jessica's blog I had never heard about it. I love it!


  1. yes, very beautiful trees... they give me a sense of calmness... and good luck for the fair!

  2. I love this shot. I love silohuettes and your tree on its own is beautiful but as you say, adding the light and the shadow - it's it quite amazing that something so simple, a construction of lines, can be so gorgeous.