I've had a lot of time to sketch out some ideas and come up with new projects in the past few days. I've also been thinking a lot about things that inspire me. Natural materials, organic shapes and handmade objects are definitely at the top of the list. I love trees too (that's no secret!). I need to take some photos of our surrounding neighborhood so that you can see where part of that comes from.

I think that my future projects will reflect these new thoughts. I feel like I've been trying to find a more unified voice in my work if that makes sense. By not working this past week I gave myself the opportunity to really take a closer look at what I've been doing up to this point. We'll see what comes out of all this.

I took these photos about a week ago. I'm not sure what I was going to use them for but I may as well use them today.

These are chimes we purchased in the town where we spent our honeymoon. It's the most serene place I've ever been to in my life. We must go back sometime.

A screen we have right outside our studio.

A hand carved chess set I bought at a great craft market in Bogotá about five years ago. (I have to retake this photo... really blurry!!)

Speaking of inspiration... if there were a store like this close by I'd be there in a heartbeat! (via Karin's blog) How beautiful. A lot of beautiful things there and a lot of the "less is more" aesthetic that I love so much.

I'm much better now, but it's definitely been a long week already. Thank you so much for the 'get well soon' comments posted on my previous post. :)

Before I forget, I owe Natalie at Craft another big thank you for posting my rolled paper craft project. Thank you!! :)

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