have a fun weekend!

What a crazy busy week! I think if I would've had anything else to do I would've gone just insane. Too many projects, so little time. What else is new!

Here is 'picking flowers' - my latest card. It's available at my Etsy shop. I'll post it on the web site later on this evening.

Ever notice how some of my work is really bright and some of it leans towards a more neutral palette? As is obvious, today I was on the bright side of things. Come to think of it our house is that way. Very neutral in general and bursts of colors in certain spots. Hmmm.

Today was the last day of school so we're on our way to celebrate with a nice dinner. I hope everyone has a lovely (and safe!) holiday weekend. I'll be back next week. Take care!


  1. beautiful! all of your crafting is so inspiring and lovely! congrats on being featured on the craft blog!
    This beautiful image might be just the inspiration to pull out my old linoleum blocks. Have a lovely holiday!

  2. I like the new card, and love the trees you do. And the recycle art is just a fab idea.

  3. hi Patricia...like many others, I found your site through whipup when they posted your recycling project. great idea! since then I've really enjoyed reading your blog and seeing your designs, your creativity. i work long hours as a biologist but when i have the time, i like to go back to the arts (mostly drawing and gourds). My motivation waxes and wanes though and reading your blog is an inspiration! Looking forward to watching your art continue to grow!

  4. great cards. i have actually used a linen piece of yours in a treasury on etsy. i enjoy all of your blogs. thanks for sharing such creative artists and your work.