new wall art

A rainy Saturday gave me time to work on some wall art. I also took the plunge and decided to open an Etsy shop. You can see it here.

The first two pieces will be available on my online shop on Tuesday. I will be posting a couple more of my bare trees this week as well. As much as I like them they will be the last ones until I revive them in the fall. I feel like it's time for me to explore other images. If anyone would like to request/commission trees after this week please contact me by email. I would be more than happy to give some more trees a new home! :)

Bird house

A cup of coffee - made with a scrap of left over balsa wood.

Comfort food. Plantain again but this time it's 'maduros'= the sweet kind. Just as yummy. These clay dishes are very typical in Colombia. Every time we go I bring back a few more pieces. I love them.


  1. I really like the little bird house. It just looks so friendly.